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2024 NSCA CSCS Chapter 4 Study Guide With 100% Verified Answers

2024 NSCA CSCS Chapter 4 Study Guide With 100% Verified Answers

1. What type of joint is the knee joint?
Answer: Synovial
2. What is the definition of power?
Answer: (Force) * (Velocity)
3. To compare performances of Olympic weightlifters of different body weights,
the classic formula divides the load lifted by the athlete's:
Answer: Body weight to the two-thirds power
4. During a free weight exercise, muscle force varies with which of the fol- lowing?
Answer: Perpendicular distance from the weight to the body joint and movement
5. A vertical jump involves knee,hip, and shoulder movement primarily in what
anatomical plane?
Answer: Sagittal
6. An athlete is performing a concentric isokinetic elbow flexion and extension
exercise.Which types of levers occur at the elbow during this exercise?
Answer: - First-class and Third-class
7. Anatomy
Answer: Encompasses the study of components that make up the muscu- loskeletal
8. Biomechanics
Answer: Focuses on the mechanisms through which these components interact to
create movement.
9. Axial Skeleton
Answer: Consists of the skull (cranium), vertebral column (vertebra C1 through the
coccyx), ribs, and sternum.
10. Appendicular Skeleton
Answer: includesthe shoulder(or pectoral) girdle (left and right scapula and
clavicle); bones of the arms, wrists, and hands (left and right humerus, radius, ulna,
carpals, metacarpals, and phalanges); the pelvic girdle (left and right coxal or
innominate bones); and the bones of the legs, ankles, and feet (left and right femur,
patella, tibia, fibula, tarsals, metatarsals, and phalanges.

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