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MMBio 221 Final Exam Study Questions and Answers Graded A 2024

MMBio 221 Final Exam Study Questions  and Answers Graded A 2024

Who is the father of microscopy?
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
produces visible light to illuminate the specimen
collects light and directs it through the stage opening (converges or focuses the rays of
light to a single point)
Iris diaphragm:
regulates the amount of light available to the objective lens
Factors that affect microscope function:
Resolving power, numerical aperture, magnification, working distance
Resolving power:
ability of a microscope to differentiate two closely spaced objects as being distinct from
one another, use of shorter wavelength of light increases resolving power, resolving
power also depends on a second factor: the numerical aperture
Resolving power _____ as magnification of the objective lens ____
increases, increases
Numerical aperture:
ability of a lens in a light microscope to gather light
light rays are bent or refracted as they travel through media like glass and air, amount of
bending is indicated by the refractive index. Immersion oil minimizes refraction
producing a clearer image with more detail.
product of the magnification of the ocular (10x) and objective lens
Working distance:

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