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ATI Advanced MED SURG Proctored 2023 WITH Glasgow COMA Scale REAL EXAM

ATI Advanced  MED SURG  Proctored 2023  WITH Glasgow  COMA Scale REAL  EXAM

ATI Advanced
Proctored 2023
WITH Glasgow
1.The nurse administering albuterol (Proventil) via a metered-dose
inhaler (MDI)
to a client who has a history of coronary artery disease is now in
congestive heart
failure. What side effects will be particularly important to observe for
when the client
takes the medication? - ANSWER-Tremors and central nervous system
2. A nurse is monitoring the fluid replacement of a client who has
sustained burns.
Which of the following fluids is used in the first 24 hours following a
burn injury? - ANSWER-lactated ringers
A nurse is monitoring a client who has just had a thoracentesis to
remove pleural
fluid. Which of the following clinical manifestations indicate a
complication that
requires notifying the provider immediately? - ANSWER-Increased
heart rate
A nurse is caring for a client who has full-thickness burns all over
75% of his
body. Which of the following methods is appropriate to accurately
monitor the
cardiovascular system? - ANSWER-obtain a central venous pressure
A nurse is assessing the depth and extent of a client who has severe
burns to the
face, neck, and upper extremities. Which of the following factors is the
first priority
when assessing the severity of the burn? - ANSWER-Cause of the burn
A client arrives at the emergency dept following an explosion at the
plant. He has deep partial and full-thickness chemical burns over
more than 25 %
of his body surface area. What is the nurse's priority intervention? -
ANSWER-Maintain a patent airway
A nurse is caring for a client who came the emergency dept reporting
chest pain.
The provider suspects a myocardial infarction. While waiting for the
laboratory to
report the client's troponin levels, the client asks what this blood test
will show.
The nurse should explain that troponin is - ANSWER-A heart muscle
protein that appears in the bloodstream when there is damage to the

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