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CMAA Certification Test 2023/2024

CMAA Certification Test 2023/2024

CMAA Certification Test 2023
Which of the following letter styles is most efficient? - ANSWER block
A patient who has medicare and had a physical examination 10 months ago calls to schedule
another physical within the week. Which of the following actions is appropriate for the MAA
to take? - ANSWER Explain that the physical cannot be scheduled for another 2 months
A provider's office receives a remittance advice showing a denial code. The MAA creates a
formal written request for review of the rejected claim. The assistant should use which of the
following formats? - ANSWER Claim appeal
An office manager asks a MAA to mail a letter to a patient who is being dismissed from the
practice. Which of the following methods should the assistant use to mail the letter? -
ANSWER certified mail
Which of the following schedules more than one patient at the same time with the same
provider while still allowing adequate time within the hour to see all scheduled patients? -
ANSWER wave booking
A provider is running 30 minutes behind schedule because of an early morning emergency.
Which of the following actions should the MAA take to maintain effective scheduling in the
office? - ANSWER Inform the waiting patients that an emergency has caused a delay in the
schedule and that they can wait or reschedule
A provider asks a MAA to schedule a surgery to remove a patients gallbladder. The assistant
should schedule the patient for which of the following procedures? - ANSWER
A patient calls with a question about her prescription dosage as it relates to her condition.
Which of the following actions is appropriate for the MAA to take? - ANSWER Take a
message for the physician
To which of the following departments should a patient go for a WBC count? - ANSWER
A provider prescribes an EKG for a patient who has a rapid heart rate. Which of the following
should be recorded as the reason for the EKG? - ANSWER Tachycardia
A MAA should take which of the following actions to be c

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