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Hondros Bio 117 Final Exam 2023-2024 100% GRADED A

Hondros Bio 117 Final Exam 2023-2024 100% GRADED A

Hondros Bio 117 Final
Exam 2023-2024
Hondros Bio 117 Final Exam 2023-2024
allows blood to flow directly from the right atrium into the left atrium to bypass
pulmonary circulation - ANSWER foramen ovale
carries blood from the umbilical vein to inferior vena cava; allows some blood to
bypass the liver - ANSWER ductus venosus
atrial contraction; systole; p wave - ANSWER atrial depolarization
max volume of air that can be exhaled following maximal inhalation - ANSWER
vital capacity
allows blood in pulmonary artery to flow directly into the descending aorta to
bypass the pulmonary circulation - ANSWER ductus arteriosus
ventricular relaxtion; diastole; t wave - ANSWER ventricular repolarization
most important stimulus for the release of aldosterone - ANSWER renin
volume of air in lungs following maximal inhalation - ANSWER total lung
provides oxygenated blood to brain - ANSWER circle of willis
aorta; left pulmonary veins; left atrium; left ventricle; bicuspid - ANSWER
structures that carry oxygenated blood (left heart)
pulmonary arteries; vena cava; right atrium; right ventricle; tricuspid - ANSWER
structures that carry unoxygenated blood (right heart)
transport unoxygenated blood from the fetus to the placenta - ANSWER
umbilical arteries
transports oxygenated blood from the placenta to the fet

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