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Hesi Med Surg review Questions and Answers 2024

Hesi Med Surg review  Questions and Answers  2024

Hesi Med Surg review
Questions and Answers
1. What instruction should the nurse include in the discharge teaching plan
of a client who had a cataract extraction today?
a. Sexual activities may be resumed upon return home
b. Light housekeeping is permitted but avoid heavy lifting
c. Use a metal eye shield on operative eye during the day
d. Administer eye ointment before applying eye drops
2. A male adult comes to the urgent care clinic 5 days after being diagnose
with influenza. He is short of breath, febrile, and coughing green colored
sputum. Which intervention should the nurse implement first?
a. Obtain a sputum sample for culture
b. Check his oxygen saturation level
c. Administer an oral antipyretic
d. Auscultate bilateral lung sound
3. An elder male client tells the nurse that he is loosing sleep because he
has to get up several times at night to go to the bathroom that he has
trouble starting his urinary stream and that he does not feel like his
bladder is ever completely empty. Which intervention should the nurse
a. collect a urine specimen for culture analysis
b. obtain a fingerstick blood glucose level
c. palpate the bladder above the symphysis pubis
d. review the client fluid intake
4. An adult client is admitted with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and a
urinary tract infection (UTI) Prescriptions for intravenous antibiotics and
insulin infusion are initiated. Which serum laboratory value warrants the
most immediate intervention by the nurse?
a. blood ph of 7.30
b. glucose of 350 mg /dl
c. white blood cell count of 15000mm
d. potassium of 2.5 meq/l
5. A client with sickle cell anemia develops a fever during the last hour of
administration of a unit of packed red blood cell. When notifying the
healthcare provider what information should the nurse

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