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Unit 12: Contemporary world food

Unit 12: Contemporary world food
BTEC10: hospitality
De unit is geschreven in het Engels en bevat task 1, 2 en 3
De unit is inclusief calculaties van de gerechten en foto's.

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Unit 12

UNIT 12:
Project title: Whats cooking

Stephanie van Voorst
Unit 12

The aim of this unit is to enable me to gain knowledge of the commodities used in contemporary
world food and gain skills to plan menus, prepare, cook, present and review contemporary world
This unit introduce me to a variety of innovative and contemporary styles of food from a broad
spectrum of hospitality businesses. These may range from fashionable restaurants owned or
franchised by celebrity chefs with large budgets and the ability to charge high prices, to schools and
residential businesses such as care homes that have to meet strict budgetary constraints while
maintaining nutritional balance and interest for the customer.
I will develop planning skills in the development of menus, which will then be prepared, cooked and
presented to invited guests. This could involve a banquet menu suited to a special occasion in the
academic timetable, or it might involve an extensive menu based on regional or nationally renowned
ingredients. This is similar to chefs taster menus, which are found in many good quality businesses
today. From this, I will develop a wide knowledge of a variety of modern styles of food and the ability
to safely use equipment involved in its preparation and presentation.
I will have opportunities to develop practical skills in preparing, cooking and presenting locally,
nationally and globally available commodities, following safe, professional and hygienic practices.
I will investigate how and where to obtain commodities required for the production of dishes, their
seasonal availability, origins and cost and how to order them. The unit also introduce me to the
processes involved in evaluating and suggesting improvements to or modifying dishes, and will give
me the opportunity to reflect on my skills and identify areas for future improvement.

Stephanie van Voorst

Unit 12

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