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Important event years Geschiedenis Werkplaats havo en vwo

Een lijst met alle belangrijke gebeurtenissen die in het informatieboek worden gegeven. Handig voor chronologische vragen. Bedoeld voor leerlingen van het tweetalig onderwijs.

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What should you know History events list (Detailed
description with EVERYTHING IN IT)
Important event years are coloured bold

by: Nicole Kortstam
** After

To 3000BC- Time of hunters and farmers. Prehistory.
3000BC-500AD- Time of Greeks and Romans. Antiquity.
500-1500- Middle Ages
500AD-1000- Time of monks and knights.
1000-1500- Time of cities and states.
1271- Marco Polo went to China.
1300- The Turks under the leadership of their sovereign Osman conquer an empire in
Asia Minor: the Ottoman Empire
1325- Aztecs built their capital Tenochtitlan on the island in the lake with a bird.
*1350- The Ottoman army invades southeast Europe and closes of the Byzantine Empire
from two sides.
1452-1519- Leonardo da Vinci.
1453- Ottomans conquer Constantinople; May 29: end of the Roman Empire (end of the
middle Ages)
1471- Birth of Albrecht Drer.
1479- Death of King Castile (Isabellas brother) Isabella and Ferdinand (Aragon)
become king and queen of Castile and Aragon -> beginning of the state of Spain)
1488- Bartolomeus Diaz discovers the most southern tip of Africa 1489- The last supper by
Leonardo da Vinci (painting completed in 1498)
1492- The man of Vitruvius. Surrender of the Islamic sultanate of Granada. Columbus
discovers America and reaches the island of Haiti, he found La Navidad (1st Spanish
colony in America).
1494- King Ferdinand makes a pact in the Treaty of Tordesillas with King John II of
1497- Vasco da Gama reached the Indian port of Calicut.
1498- Vasco da Gama arrives in India.
1500-1600- Time of discoverers and reformers.
1500-1800- Early modern times
1508- School of Athens by Raphael (painting completed in 1510)
1516-1574- The Ottomans conquered almost the entire eastern and southern coast of
the Mediterranean.
1517- Luther starts Reformation; writes a letter containing 95 lines about protest against
the indulgences.
1519- Cortez conquers the Aztec Empire. Magellan proves that the earth is round.
Returned in 1522.
1521- The Aztec empire is defeated, cities were plundered and destroyed one by one
by the Spaniards.
1526- Hungary defeated by the Ottomans and was added by their Empire.

1529- Ottomans are at the gates of Vienna (Austria), but had to declare defeat
because of disease, lack of food and the winter cold.
1532- Pizarro conquers the Inca Empire.
1519-1543- Charles V has all the power over the 17 Dutch provinces.
1540- Calvinism spreads from Switzerland throughout Europe.
1555- Philip II succeeds Charles V.
1564-1616- Shakespeare.
1566- Iconoclastic outbreak, growth of Calvinists in the Netherlands.
1567- Alva to the Netherlands.
1568-1648- Dutch Revolt; Eighty years War.
1571- Battle of Lepanto. Spain, Venice and the pope in Rome gathered a large
Christian Fleet to end the naval power of the Ottomans. The Ottoman power was
stopped in the West.
1572- Beggars take Den Briel.
1576- Holland (province) is spared the violence of war and no consequences for its
1579- The Netherlands split; Southern province recognized the rule of Philip. The Northern
provinces and parts of Brabant and Flanders made a new pact under the name of the
Union of Utrecht.
1580- Philip I declared William of Orange an outlaw. King Philip II becomes king of
1580s- Loads of textile workers and entrepreneurs fled to the north from the war and
Spanish inquisition. Leyden became the most important textile city.
1580-1620- 100 000 immigrants arrived in the Republic from the southern Netherlands.
1581- The Act of Abjuration; Beginning of the Netherlands as an independent state.
1582- Gregorian Calendar adapted by several states.
1584- Balthasar Gerards kills William of Orange.
1588- Declaration of the United Provinces of the Netherlands.
1595- Eerste schipvaart led by Cornelis de Houtman towards Indonesia turning point for
the Netherlands: The route to India had been found. First flute ship is built.
1596- First Dutchmen in Indonesia via the southern sea route. Start of journey to India by
using a Northern route (Captain Willem Bartenz)
1598- Edict of Nantes ends religious wars between Catholics and Protestants
1600-1700- Time of regents and monarchs.
1602- Foundation of the VOC.
1607- First English colony in North America.
1609- Spain and the Republic interrupt the war for twelve years (truce).
1618-1648- Thirty Year War.
1619-1636- The States General makes an authorised translation of the original Greek,
Aramaic and Hebrew.
1620s- Spaniards take Breda and Amersfoort.
1621- States General gives the trade monopoly for West Africa and America to the WIC.
1633- Galileo Galileo arrested.
1637- Statenbijbel; the WIC conquers the Portuguese fort Elmina in Ghana.

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