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Summary - International Strategic Management - All articles

This summary contains all twelve articles for the course International Strategic Management, for the study International Business. The following articles are included:

1. International strategy: From local to global and beyond
Hitt, M.A., Li, D. and Xu, K.

2. Coping with liability of foreignness: Different learning engagements of entrant firms
Petersen, B. and Pedersen, T.

3. The Internationalization Process of the Firm – A Model of Knowledge Development and Increasing Foreign Market Commitments
Johanson, J. and Vahlne, J.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility: A Theory of the Firm Perspective
McWilliams, A. and Siegel, D.

5. Boundaries of the Firm: Insights From International Entry Mode Research
Brouthers, K.D. and Hennart, J.

6. Agency Theory Revisited: CEO Return and Shareholder Interest Alignment
Nyberg, A.J., Smithey Fulmer, I., Gerhart, B. and Carpenter, M.A.

7. The Multinational Corporation as an Interorganizational Network
Ghoshal, S. & Bartlett, C.A.

8. Weight versus Voice: How Foreign Subsidiaries Gain Attention from Corporate Headquarters
Bouquet, C. & Birkinshaw, J.

9. Organizational Culture: Can It Be a Source Of Sustained Competitive Advantage?
Barney, J.B.

10. A resource-based perspective on human capital losses, HRM investments, and organizational performance
Shaw, J.D., Park, T. & Kim, E.

11. Integrated Strategy: Market and Nonmarket components
Baron, D.P.

12. Political pluralism, public policies, and organizational choices: banking branch expansion in India
Krishnan Kozhikode, R. & Li, J.

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