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ISM articles summary 2020 Block 2B

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ISM articles summary 2020 Block 2B

Contains a summary of all articles on the virtual reader for International Strategic Management 2020, block 2B.

Hu, Y.S., 1995. The international transferability of the firm's advantages. California Management Review, 37(4), pp.73-88.
Wu, Z. and Salomon, R., 2016. Does imitation reduce the liability of foreignness? L inking distance, isomorphism, and performance. Strategic Management Journal, 37(12), pp.2441-2462.
Johanson, J., and Vahlne, J-E., 1990. The mechanism of internationalisation. International Marketing Review, 7(4), pp.11-24.
Mithani, M.A., 2017. Liability of foreignness, natural disasters, and corporate philanthropy. Journal of International Business Studies, 48(8), pp.941-963.
Hoffmann, W.H. and Schaper-Rinkel, W., 2001. Acquire or ally?-A strategy framework for deciding between acquisition and cooperation. MIR: Management International Review, pp.131-159.
Lee, K.H., 2018. Cross‐border mergers and acquisitions amid political uncertainty: A bargaining perspective. Strategic Management Journal, 39(11), pp.2992-3005.
Ghoshal, S., and C.A. Bartlett, 1990. The Multinational Corporation as an Interorganizational Network, The Academy of Management Review, 15(4), pp. 603-625
Bouquet and Birkinshaw, 2008. Weight versus voice: how foreign subsidiaries gain attention from corporate headquarters, Academy of Management Journal, 51(3), pp.577–601.
Barney, J.B., 1995. Looking inside for competitive advantage. Academy of Management Perspectives, 9(4), pp.49-61.
Shaw, J.D., Park, T.Y. and Kim, E., 2013. A resource‐based perspective on human capital losses, HRM investments, and organizational performance. Strategic management journal, 34(5), pp.572-589.
Baron, D.P., (1995) Integrated Strategy: Market and Nonmarket Components, California Management Review, 37(2), p.47
Piazza, A. and Perretti, F., 2019. Firm Behavior and the Evolution of Activism: Strategic Decisions and the Emergence of Protest in US Communities. Strategic Management Journal.

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