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• NURS 6630 FINAL EXAM/Psychopharmacology
• Question 1
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When completing this exam, did you comply with Walden University’s Code of Conduct including the expectations for academic integrity?
Selected Answer: Yes

• Question 2
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The PMHNP understands that slow-dose extended release stimulants are most appropriate for which patient with ADHD?
Selected Answer: c.
8-year-old patient

• Question 3
1 out of 1 points

Jordan is diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder. He has been trialed on several different SSRIs and is currently on high dose sertraline. He reports an inability to carry out responsibilities because of an obsession with handwashing. Which is the best treatment option for Jordan?
Selected Answer: a.
Maintain the same dose of sertraline and add quetiapine

• Question 4
1 out of 1 points

The PMHNP is discussing dopamine D2 receptor occupancy and its association with aggressive behaviors in patients with the student. Why does the PMHNP prescribe a standard dose of atypical antipsychotics?
Selected Answer: c.
The doses are based on achieving 60% D2 receptor occupancy.

• Question 5

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