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ATI-Community-Health-Proctored-Exam-2019-Form- C-wnxs3/ATI-Community-Health-Proctored-Exam-2019-Form- C-wnxs3

ATI-Community-Health-Proctored-Exam-2019-Form- C-wnxs3/ATI-Community-Health-Proctored-Exam-2019-Form- C-wnxs3

ATI-Community-Health-Proctored-Exam-2019-Form- C-wnxs3

ATI Community Health Proctored 2019 Form C

1. A community health nurse is providing teaching about nutrition guidelines to a group of adolescents. Which of the following information should the nurse include in teaching?
A. Adolescents have a decrease need for calcium due to high milk intake B. Appetite naturally increases during the adolescent years
C. 75% of adult bone mass is developed during the adolescent years
D. Empty calories provide 70% of the total calories consumed by adolescents

2. An occupational health nurse is caring for a client who does not speak the same language as the nurse. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first?
A. Validate the clients understanding of communicated information

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