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RBT Exam(75 Questions/Answers) 2023.

RBT Exam(75 Questions/Answers) 2023.

RBT Exam(75Questions/Answers) 2023.

1. A ______________ is an employee who is required by the state to inform a designated investigator of any suspected, witnessed, or alleged abuse or neglect.

2. A crisis plan includes which sections?
3. All of the following are functions of behavior EXCEPT...

4. All of the following are reasons that the use of electronic communication and social media are more likely to result in a HIPAA violation EXCEPT:

5. All of the following are some appropriate ways to respond to feedback, EXCEPT:

6. An operational definition is used for a behavior so that

7. Before you can make a hypothesis about the function(s) of the target behavior, you must do all of the following EXCEPT...

8. Behavior Analysts adhere to a code of ethics that seeks to protect the _____________.

9. Behavior Analysts should always recommend the ____________________likely to be effective in dealing with a behavior problem.

10. Behavioral definitions must be both...
11. Breaking a complex skill into smaller, teachable units is the definition of...

12. Competent Training Programs and Supervised Work Experiences include all of the following, EXCEPT?

13. Complete this sentence: Documentation and record keeping are important to ensure.... -


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