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NCLEX-RN Gratis Exam Part 7 (451-525)/NCLEX-RN Gratis Exam Part 7 (451-525)

NCLEX-RN Gratis Exam Part 7 (451-525)/NCLEX-RN Gratis Exam Part 7 (451-525)

A client was exhibiting signs of mania and was recently started on lithium carbonate. She has no known physical problems. A teaching plan for this client would include which of the following?
A behavioral modification program is recommended by the multidisciplinary team working with a 15-year-old client with anorexia nervosa. A nursing plan of care based on this modality would include:
A 22-year-old client presents with a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder and a history of using drugs, writing numerous checks with insufficient funds, and stealing. He appears charming and intelligent, and the other clients are impressed and want to be liked by him. The greatest problem that may arise from this situation is that:
In admitting a client to the psychiatric unit, the nurse must explain the rules and regulations of the unit. A client with antisocial personality disorder makes the following remark,Forget all those rules. I always get along well with the nurses. Which nursing response to him would be most effective?
A client was admitted to the hospital after falling in her home. At the time of admission, her blood alcohol level was 0.27 mg%. Her family indicates that she has been drinking a fifth of vodka a day for the past 9 months. She had her last drink 30 minutes prior to admission. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms would most likely be exhibited by her:

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