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NCLEX-RN Gratis Exam Part 10 (676-750)/NCLEX-RN Gratis Exam Part 10 (676-750)

NCLEX-RN Gratis Exam Part 10 (676-750)/NCLEX-RN Gratis Exam Part 10 (676-750)

After 7 hours in restraints and a total of 30-mg haloperidol in divided doses, a client complains of stiffness in his neck and his tongue pulling to one side. These extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS) will most likely be relieved by the administration of:
Medication is administered to a client who has been placed in restraints after a sudden violent episode, and his EPSs subside. Restraints can be removed when:
A 16-year-old female client is admitted to the hospital because she collapsed at home while exercising with videotaped workout instructions. Her mother reports that she has been obsessed with losing weight and staying slim since cheerleader try-outs 6 months ago, when she lost out to two of her best friends. The client is 54 and weighs 92 lb, which represents a

weight loss of 28 lb over the last 4 months. The most important initial intervention on admission is to:
Assessment of a client reveals a 30% loss of preillness weight, lanugo, and cessation of menses for 3 months. Her vital signs are BP 90/50, P 96 bpm, respirations 30, and temperature 97 F. She admits to the nurse that she has induced vomiting 3 times this morning, but she had to continue exercising to lose just 5 more lb. Her symptoms are consistent with:
Blood work reveals the following lab values for a client who has been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa: hemoglobin 9.6 g/dL, hemocrit 27%, potassium 2.7 mEq/L, sodium 126 mEq/L. The greatest danger to her at this time is:

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