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Type of Leadership

Type of Leadership

In this unit we will discuss the concept of leadership, types of leadership and theories regarding leadership. A brief introduction of leadership is given in the following lines: It is important to address a basic question: What is leadership? Scholars who study leadership have struggled with this question for many decades and have written a great deal about the nature of leadership. Many different definitions of leadership have been identified in the literature. Despite these many definitions, a number of concepts are recognized by most people as accurately reflecting what it is to be a leader.

Leading a team or group is a real skill that takes time, thought and dedication. Leadership is the most studied aspect of business and organization because it is the one overarching topic that makes the difference between success and failure. At times it may seem overwhelmingly complex, but by focusing on some fundamentals you will find that you can lead your team with confidence and skill.

All of us at some time in our lives will be asked to show leadership. When you are asked to be the leader, it will be both demanding and rewarding. How you approach leadership is strongly influenced by your definitions of and beliefs about leadership. Through the years, writers have defined leadership in a multitude of ways. It is complex, multidimensional process that is often conceptualized in a variety of ways by the people. Some of the most common ways of looking at leadership are as a trait, as an ability, as a skill, as a behavior, as a relationship, and as a process. The way you think about leadership will influence the way you practice leadership.

Bush and Glover (2002) describe the leadership as a process of influence leading to the achievement of desired purposes. Successful leaders develop a vision for their institutions based on their personal and professional values. They articulate this vision at every opportunity and influence their staff and other stakeholders to share the vision. The philosophy, structures, and activities of the institutions are geared towards the achievement of this shared vision

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