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Review General anesthesia

Review General anesthesia

Anesthesia means a state with no pain. General anesthesia is a condition characterized by loss of perception of all sensations due to drug induction. In this case, in addition to the loss of pain, consciousness is also lost. General anesthetics consist of a heterogeneous group of chemical compounds which reversibly depress the CNS with nearly the same spectrum and can be controlled. General anesthetic drugs can be administered by inhalation and intravenously. General anesthetic drugs given by inhalation (volatile gases and liquids), the most important of which are N2O, halothane, enflurane, methoxyflurane, and isoflurane. General anesthetic drugs used intravenously, namely thiobarbiturates, narcotic-analgesics, other alkaloid compounds and similar molecules, and some special drugs such as ketamine

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