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How to Study 6 Hours a Day

How to Study 6 Hours a Day

If you take your studies for the impending exams seriously and want to do well, you must
devote extra time to study. 50–60 hours per week, or 4–8 hours per day, is the sweet spot for
productivity (depending on how close the exam is). Create a weekly calendar that includes
designated study time, reading required and optional materials, and setting study priorities to
help you maximize your time spent learning. You need to study more to attain the level of
competence necessary for the test if you are in school to get a degree or taking a course to update
your skills for the work and are barely passing or failing assessments.

Determining how much time is necessary to study well might be challenging. Complete the
exam you've been working on. This discussion has to involve at least five of your closest friends
and members of your family. You're the kind that memorizes everything on the first try (it's OK
to hate him secretly), spends hours summarizing lectures, and doesn't go out on the weekends
because he'd rather stay home and brood. Yes, you know who you are. It's important to consider
both the quantity and quality of study hours. You are squandering your time if you cannot commit
to effective study for at least eight hours daily. That's why I've put together some pointers that,
if followed, should help you succeed admirably.

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