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PSY 255 Comparison of Theorists Essay

PSY 255 Comparison of Theorists Essay

Choose a well-known fictional character from TV, movies, or literature and analyze them using psychoanalytic theory. Use the following questions to write a case study analysis of the character.

Demographics of the Character: gender, age, race, location, profession, etc.
Personal History:
Identify any notable childhood experiences (positive and negative).
Identify any notable experiences from adolescence or adulthood.
Presenting Problem: Identify a number of maladaptive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that might cause this individual to seek out (or be sent to) therapy. Explain why these particular thoughts, feelings, and behaviors may be distressing for the individual and/or society.
Analysis of Problem: Identify why they are experiencing their presenting problem. Discuss what one psychodynamic theorist (Freud, Horney, Adler, or Jung) would say about this person’s psychological issues. Explain the problem from two different perspectives.
Alternative Analysis of the Problem: Explain one alternative psychodynamic theorist's perspective (Freud, Horney, Adler, or Jung).

1,000-1,500 words.

two to three scholarly sources.

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