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Grady Harris
Questions (to mother) - Yields 100%

1. How can I help him today?
a. He isn’t himself. He’s been whining and refusing to eat. I think he’s saying that his tummy hurts. When I took a look at his tummy, it had a big bruise.
2. Does he have any other symptoms or concerns we should discuss?
a. Yeah, he vomited once last night, and he just keeps rubbing his entire stomach. He’s not his usual, cheerful self. He’s really low in energy and withdrawn. He pees less - you know, I’m not changing so many wet diapers, and his pee is dark and strong smelling. Um, oh, and you can see, he’s still kind of sweaty and clammy. He seemed to be breathing fast – maybe he’s nervous.
3. When did his abdominal pain start?
a. About 2 days ago.
4. What are the events surrounding the start of his abdominal pain?
a. My boyfriend says my baby fell from the bed during a nap and the problems started after that. I don’t really know what he hit when that happened, but all his problems started: whining, being really low energy or withdrawn, not eating, and peeing less. He even vomited once last night.
5. Does anything make the pain in his abdomen better or worse?
a. He seems to be worse when I touch him, or pick him up.
6. How many wet diapers does your child make per day?
a. Usually? I’m not always there to change them, but now there seems to be fewer. Also, his pee smells strong and it looks dark.
7. How many stool diapers does your child have per day?
a. Normally? He usually poops once a day. I haven’t changed one in at least a day now. I’m a bit worried about that.
8. What childhood illnesses has he had?
a. Other than all the fuss with his heart defect, he’s been a pretty healthy little guy. I mean, he’s slow - but that's what you get with Down Syndrome. Everything’s affected…his growth, he doesn’t really say many words yet, and he doesn’t pick new things up very quickly. That can be kind of frustrating, you know.
9. Are his immunizations up to date?
a. Yeah, they are, except for the last ones.
10. Is he taking any prescription medications?
a. Uh…no. Not anymore. He used to take medication for his heart problems, but since they fixed that he doesn’t need them anymore.
11. Is he taking any over the counter or herbal medications?
a. No, I don’t give him any of those things.
12. Has he had pain in his abdomen before?
a. No, not like this. He has always eaten well and he’s never acted like this before. I can tell you that for sure.
13. Has he had any trauma to his abdomen?
a. Maybe. He fell out of bed - maybe that’s the cause.
14. Does he have any allergies?
a. No, he doesn’t have allergies.
15. Has he had any significant traumatic injuries or accidents?

a. He’s a real clumsy little guy. Always falling down, tripping over things, bumping into things and stuff. Doesn’t look where he’s going. I wouldn’t call that a huge, big accident though. He’s never had any broken bones.
16. How is his family and family life?
a. It’s just me and my three kids: my 6-month-old, my 5-year-old and my two year old. The father of my two-year-old is out of the equation, and never has been with us. Sometimes my boyfriend, who’s the father of my 6-month-old, stays over. I'm a cashier at a retail shop - I mean I only graduated from high school - and so I don't make that much money and I can't afford daycare, so my neighbors really help me out. Sometimes my boyfriend looks after them, but he doesn't really like to because you know kids - they whine or cry at the same time it seems and he gets really on edge about it.
17. What and when did he last drink?
a. I tried to give him some water two hours ago. He won’t take anything.
18. Can you tell me about any current or past medical problems he has had?
a. He was born with Down Syndrome and when he was a baby he had a problem with his heart. Part of that was he also used to have CHF and took medications, but that got better after his operation. He is a bit slower to learn things than some other children. But he has the biggest heart, and he just loves everybody. And he's otherwise healthy. Please help my baby!
19. Does he have diarrhea?

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