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AHIP MODULE 4 Question and Answers (Latest 2022/2023) Verified Answers

AHIP MODULE 4 Question and Answers (Latest 2022/2023) Verified Answers

Mr. Davis is 52 years old and has recently been diagnosed with end-stage
renal disease (ESRD) and will soon begin dialysis. He is wondering if he
can obtain coverage under Medicare. What should you tell him?correct
answersHe may sign-up for Medicare at any time however coverage
usually begins on the fourth month after dialysis treatments start.
Juan Perez who is turning age 65 next month intends to work for several
more years at Smallcap Incorporated. Smallcap has a workforce of15
employees and offers
employer-sponsored healthcare coverage. Juan is a naturalized citizen and
has contributed to the Medicare system for over 20 years. Juan asks you
if he will be entitled to Medicare and if he enrolls how that will impact
his employer-sponsored healthcare coverage. How would you
respond?correct answersJuan is likely to be eligible for Medicare once he
turns age 65 and if he enrolls Medicare would become the primary payor
of his healthcare claims and Smallcap does not have to continue to offer
him coverage comparable to those under age 65 under its employersponsored group health plan.
Mr. Moy's wife has a Medicare Advantage plan but he wants to
understand what coverage Medicare Supplemental Insurance provides since
his health care needs are different from his wife's needs. What could you
tell Mr. Moy?correct answersMedicare Supplemental Insurance would help
cover his Part A and Part B deductibles or coinsurance in Original Fee-forService (FFS) Medicare as well as possibly some services that Medicare

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