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BA109 Quiz - Latest 2023 with complete solution

BA109 Quiz - Latest 2023 with complete solution

Entrepreneurs choose to enter their particular business fields because they have an
interest in them and enjoy those lines of work. They have often made their hobbies their
business. - True
Women in business still experience as they attempt to break the "glass ceiling." -
Not all family-owned businesses are small; in fact, approximately one-third of the
Fortune 500 companies are family businesses. - True
An often fatal error made by many small business owners is to open their businesses on
a "shoestring," causing them to be undercapitalized. - True
Expanding a business usually requires no significant changes in structure or business
practices. - False
Because they have college degrees, a working knowledge of business, and years of
management experience, both corporate castoffs and corporate dropouts who become
entrepreneurs will most likely increase the small business survival rate. - True
percent of all U.S. businesses are family owned and managed. - Ninety One
hallmark of successful entrepreneurs is the ability to: - fail intelligently. "Constantly
being practical" is a mental block that can stifle creativity. - True
This set of experiences may enhance individual creativity. - All of these
Creativity and innovation are the signature of small, entrepreneurial businesses. - True
Entrepreneurs can encourage creative thinking in their employees by setting examples
of creative behavior and rewarding creative behavior when exhibited by their
employees. - True
Trade dress is the unique combination of elements that a company uses to create a
products image and to promote it. - True
The right brain takes care of the body's emotional, intuitive, and spatial functions. - True
The U.S. Copyright Office does not require registering the creative work because
registering it does not give creators greater protection over their work. - False
Which hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the body's emotional, intuitive, and
spatial functions? - Right hemisphere
Steps in the patent process include: - All of these
The right brain processes information intuitively-all at once, relying heavily on images. -

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