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CSLB B License General Contractor Exam: 100% Verified Questions & Answers: Guaranteed A+

CSLB B License General Contractor Exam: 100% Verified Questions & Answers: Guaranteed A+

If unused mortar stiffens due to hydration of cement, what must you do? (Ans- Discard the mortar

What minimum time must you wait before caulking or grouting new tiles? (Ans- 24-48 Hours

How long should you wait before installing tile on a shower pan?
(Ans- 24 Hours

Unstable dry rock, angular gravel, sandy loam, and cohesive soils having compressive strengths greater than 0.5 and less than 1.5 tons/sq ft (tsf), are typical examples of:
(Ans- Type-B Soils

If 65 street lights are fed by a 2275 volt series circuit, what is the voltage across each light?
(Ans- 35V

In a series circuit, the total voltage is divided equally.

For safety reasons, the maximum simple slope of an excavation, up to 20 ft deep, in Type-B soil is:
(Ans- 1:1 (45°)

A Pittsburgh joint is used in:
(Ans- HVAC ductwork

The drain for a pressure relief valve on a water heater should be extended to:
(Ans- The outside of the building

What is the minimum slope toward the drain of a shower pan?
(Ans- 1/4" per foot (2%)

What is the diameter of #3 rebar?
(Ans- 3/8"

If a vendor fails to provide an MSDS, you have the right to call:
(Ans- Cal/OSHA or DOSH

When installing a door jamb, you need shims at:
(Ans- Both hinge and strike sides, three on each side.

Which of the following is used to adhere vinyl floors?

A. Epoxy cement
B. Asphalt mastic
C. Latex primer
D. White glue
(Ans- Epoxy cement

When do you need bracing for a drywall wall?
(Ans- Diagonal bracing is needed every 25' for any drywall wall.

How should you clear the roots from a construction site?
(Ans- Clear roots to 12" below grade.

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