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M100 Exam 2023 Version | Questions and Answers

M100 Exam 2023 Version | Questions and Answers

What elements are found in a division concept of health support, what roles of repair do
you most likely see? -----Correct Answer------Division Level = Location Roles 2 &
Location Roles 3
Key sustainment tasks should have and need to include the following: -----Correct
Answer------Time, location, quantities, and purpose
How to best describe the ability to establish and operate ports of debarkations of air rail
and sea establish a distribution system to facilitate throughput for reception, stationing,
and onward movement, what would we be probably doing? (M157 - Slide 9) -----Correct
Answer------Theater Opening
What is the major role of a theater support command (TSC)? -----Correct Answer------
Plan and synchronize inter theater sustainment operations at the operational level.
What priorities would you normally see or find in a concept of support sketch? -----
Correct Answer------Priority of Support
Priority of Supply
Priority of Maintenance
Priority of Movement
Specified collective task while deploying an organic weapon system in a live fire
environment? -----Correct Answer------Collective Live-Fire Task Proficiency
What is the commander's area of operation that is designated to facilitate the positioning
employment protection of base sustainment assets required to sustain and enable
follow on operations? -----Correct Answer------Support Area
** This area is controlled by the Division Support Area Command Post
Who is responsible for the training and proficiency of their unit and when required for
certifying training readiness by unit and echelon? -----Correct Answer------Unit
What division command post controls the deep area? -----Correct Answer------Main
Command Post
** Deep Area is controlled by Division Main Command Post
What is an operation at any echelon that creates and preserves conditions for success
in the decisive operations through effects on the enemies, other actors and the terrain?
-----Correct Answer------Shaping Operations
What is a collective task an organization trains to be proficient in its designed capability
or assigned mission? -----Correct Answer------Mission Essential Task (MET)

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