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  • Handwritten Biology notes topic - Human Reproduction Details :- male reproductive system - -Testis -accessory duct -glands Female reproductive system -ovary -fallopian tube -uterus -mammary glands -external genitalia -Gametogenesis -spermatogenesis -ogen...

    Biology book notes by notes
    € 10,99 hits 24 pages
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  • Handwritten Biology notes ,topic covered -Reproduction in organisms:- -A Sexual Reproduction Characteristics of Sexual reproduction -Binary Fission -Vegetative Reproduction -Terror of bengal -sexual reproduction -events in sexual reproduction -sexuality...

    Biology book notes by notes
    € 10,99 hits 35 pages
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  • Handwritten chemistry notes topic Chemical Kinetics - Rate of Reaction -Rate of Disappearance -Rate of Appearance -Instantaneous rate -Expressing rate -Factors Influencing the rate of Reaction -Zero order reaction -

    Chemistry book notes by notes
    € 10,99 hits 18 pages
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  • Details of Electro chemistry Electrochemical cell details of different cells Galvanic or Voltaic Cell & Fetaures Electrolytic cell & Features Related equations Faradays Law -1st law Faradays -2nd Law products of Electrolysis Batteries

    Chemistry book notes by notes
    € 10,99 hits 27 pages
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  • Its a Chemistry note - characteristic's of Solid state , there properties explained in details . with formula & charts -Amorphous & Crystalline Solids - properties of Amorphous solids -Properties of Crystalline Solids -Classifications

    chemistry book notes by notes
    € 10,99 hits 39 pages
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