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Here you can find summaries for the course Fundamentals Of Nursing. Prepare for the exams with practice exams and lecture notes for example HESI RN PEDIATRICS (A Grade), Questions and Answers with Rationale, All Correct Study Guide, Download to Score A and HESI MENTAL HEALTH RN V1-V3 2022 TEST BANKS (ALL TOGETHER) A client with depression remains in bed most of the day, and declines activities. Which nursing problem Yhaous rttheextghreeraet1est priority for this client? A.Loss of interest in diversional activity. B.Social isolation. C.Refusal to address nutritional needs. D.Low self-esteem. The RN is preparing medications for a client with bipolar disorder and notices that the client discontinued antipsychotic medication for several days. Which medication should also be discontinued? a.Lithium. (Lithotabs) b.Benzotropine (Cogentin). c.Alprazolam (Xanax). d.Magnesium (Milk of Magnesia). A female client requests that her husband be allowed to stay in the room during the admission assessment. When interviewing the client, the RN notes a discrepancy between the client’s verbal and nonverbal communication. What action does the RN take? A.Pay close attention and document the nonverbal messages. B.Ask the client’s husband to interpret the discrepancy. C.Ignore the nonverbal behavior and focus on the client’s verbal messages. D.Integrate the verbal and nonverbal messages and interpret them as one.. Filter for the subject you need help with and use the available documents to improve your grades.




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