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  • Exam 4: Normal Newborn NCLEX Questions and Answers The nurse is discussing the neonatal blood screening test with a new mother. The nurse knows that the teaching was successful when the mother states that the test screens for the presence in the newborn o...

    school Chamberlain / Nursing / MEDICINE
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  • Mental Health In Stalking. Stalking is an intensional behavior about getting more information from a person, commonly by using social media. Stalking could be a disturbing factor in daily live activity, because it cost more time to do it.

    school Chamberlain / Nursing / Medicine
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  • Calazion and Hordeolum are two major disease of eyelid. Bacterial infection commonly cause this disease. Clinician should know how to diagnose them properly. With Therapy, it will be cure in days. We can use nonpharmatheucal and pharmatheucal therapy

    school Chamberlain / Nursing / Medicine
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  • Review of Osteoarthritis Management. From This Summary You will know the definition, etiology, diagnosis and management of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs as degenerative disease, involving so many risk factors like BMI, Age, Activity etc.

    school Chamberlain / Nursing / Medicine book Clinical medicine
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