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The idea behind Knoowy emerged during study time. Useful summaries were only shared between friends. Why the heck would you share your hard work with others for free? We can do better! Knoowy triggers people to share documents online by offering rewards.

Knoowy was launched by Ernst Wemmers and Kevin Dizy in the summer of 2012. Curious about the complete story, or are you planning to run an item on Knoowy? Please feel free to contact us. Recent developments on Knoowy are also available from our Blog.

ernst wemmers Ernst Wemmers Co-founder / Creative Director
kevin dizy Kevin Dizy Co-founder / Business Director
Steven Hofman Steven Hofman Developer
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Deal: get 10% off when you purchase 3 or more documents!

Deal: get 10% off when you purchase 3 or more documents!

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At Knoowy you buy and sell the best studies documents directly from students.
Upload at least one item, please help other students and get € 2.50 credit.

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