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200+ Research Questions for Business Administration Dissertations / Thesis

200+ Research Questions for  Business Administration Dissertations / Thesis

A well-written main question is crucial for a successful Business Administration dissertation. It serves as the foundation for the entire research project and helps to ensure that the research remains focused and relevant. A clear main question also allows for effective communication with potential readers, advisors, or other business professionals. Without a clear main question, the dissertation may lack focus and become fragmented, hindering its and your ability to convince your readers – including your supervisor.

It is important to carefully consider your main question when beginning a Business Administration dissertation. It should be specific enough to guide the research, but not so narrow that it limits the scope of the project. A good main question should also be feasible, meaning it is possible to conduct the research and gather the necessary data to address the question.

It can be helpful to brainstorm a list of potential main questions before choosing the final one. This allows for exploration of different angles and can help to identify the most interesting and relevant topic for the research. The varied list of questions contained in this document is intended to aid you in this process.

This handy list of research questions can help you get inspired and get started with your research in various companies and sectors. The main questions in this guide cover topics such as:

- Business Operation
- Sustainability
- Finance & Control
- Marketing & Communication
- Leadership and Change
- Procesmanagement
- Strategic Management
- Supply Chain Management

-What factors influence the adoption of e-commerce among small and medium-sized businesses in the retail industry in the UK and how can these businesses improve their online presence?
-How can the use of data analytics at organization G in the insurance industry in the United States improve risk management and customer service?
-To what extent do cultural differences between the UK and the United States affect the effectiveness of team collaboration at organization H in the consulting industry?
-How does the adoption of green initiatives at organization I in the transportation industry in the UK affect the company's financial performance and reputation among stakeholders?
-What strategies can be implemented at Shell in The Hague to increase employee engagement and retention, focusing on employees in the Exploration and Production department?
-What are the main factors influencing the adoption of telecommuting at Organization Q and how can it be improved through the provision of appropriate tools and training and the implementation of clear communication protocols?
-To what extent can Organization R increase the use of renewable energy sources in the production of consumer electronics in the South Holland region through collaboration with suppliers and the implementation of energy-efficient technologies?

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