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On Knoowy, thousands of students sell summaries, notes, quizzes and homework assignments. You sell your study documents to other students, so that they can better prepare for their exams and at the same time you earn some extra income.

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Make money

Give your study documents a second life and earn money from summaries and notes you've already made.

Help students

Students are very greatful when they have extra material available to study for their exam or other assignments.

Get rich sleeping

Continue to earn from your summaries even after your studies. Create an passive income for yourself.

Easy upload

Uploading documents is quick and easy. You only need to take the time to upload your document once.

How does it work?

Create a free account

Do you have any useful documents on your computer for other students? Or are you planning to write a good excerpt of a course you are taking? Then create a free account and sell your documents to other students.

Upload to Knoowy

Upload your documents to Knoowy. You determine the selling price yourself. With the right description and the other meta data such as school and course, students can find and download your summary.

Earn per download

You earn money every time your document is downloaded. You can have your balance paid into your bank account, or you can use your balance to buy other documents at a discount to better prepare for your own exams.

What can you sell on Knoowy?

On Knoowy you can sell all study documents that you have written yourself.


Summaries Lecture notes Homework assignments Theses Practice questions Presentations Portfolios Papers Book reports Projects

Not allowed

Old exams Copied slides Scanned textbooks Published articles

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What do others say about Knoowy?

Karlijn studies communication. Read how she earns an extra income every month thanks to selling summaries on Knoowy.

“Every exam week I make summaries. Making summaries helps me to study the course. By writing a summary, I am attentive to the study material and because of that I remember everything better. I sell my documents because it makes a lot of money. I also help other students with my summaries. With the money I earn, I mainly buy new clothes and nice things for my room.”

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More than €650,000 worth of summaries sold.

Users have already uploaded 50,000 documents.

Multiple sellers with more than $10,000 in earnings.

126,000 Knoowy users who help each other every day.

Average selling price of a document is $5.- dollar.

More than 100 new students sign up every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I earn per document sold?

The selling price is, at all times, determined by the seller. By default, the seller gets 60% of the selling price when a document is sold. This percentage can be increased by earning extra percents. The maximum percentage on can earn is 70% of the selling price.

Which documents can I sell?

You may sell all your homemade study documents at Knoowy. Most of the documents on Knoowy are book summaries and lecture notes. An important condition is that the document is homemade. You may not sell copies of other people's work, because that is plagiarism.

How can I pay out?

You have to arrange and determine the moment of payout of your balance yourself. You can cash out as soon as you've earned 15 dollars. Go to "balance" and complete the details to pay out.

Do I need to promote my documents?

It is important to promote your documents with friends, fellow students and others. This extra advertising ensures you get more downloads, and thus more money.

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Deal: get 10% off when you purchase 3 or more items!

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