Read below what to do when you suspect plagiarism is involved.

When someone commits plagiarism, it means that someone's copyright is being infringed. We try to do everything we can to prevent plagiarism on Knoowy. However, it is possible that someone commits plagiarism when selling documents, using study aids, or misusing Studybot answers. If you suspect that someone is using the services on Knoowy unlawfully, we encourage you to contact us.

How do I report copyright infringement?

If you want to report copyright abuse, you can send us a message via the contact form. Include in this message at least:

  • The URL of the web page where the abuse was noticed.
  • A statement about the alleged abuse.
  • Your own contact details

How do we handle an abuse report?

With every report of abuse, we will check whether the report is permitted. If the abuse reporting party is proven right, Knoowy will take appropriate action to prevent further infringement and possible damage.

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Deal: get 10% off when you purchase 3 or more items!

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