Create and sell quizzes

On Knoowy you can create quizzes that you can use to practice for exams and tests. You can also publish these questions for other students. Fellow students can test whether they have mastered the study material when preparing for their exams..

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Practice effectively

With quiz questions you can learn very effectively and test if you master the study material.

Generate questions

Automatically create quiz questions by Knoowy through AI, based on your text or topic.

Earn money

Practice questions can be sold and are a good addition to your documents.


You can always adjust quizzes or add new questions. Knoowy also offers various methods to practice the material.

How does it work?

Create quizzes

Test yourself with homemade quizzes. Create quizzes for each subject and textbook to prepare and test your knowledge of the subject matter.

Test your knowledge

Students who test their own knowledge by means of quizzes get higher marks. Practice questions help you learn the material faster and remember it better.

Sell quizzes

Let other students also practice the subject matter using your questions. You can sell your quizzes for any amount. You get paid every time someone downloads your questions.

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Why do others use quizzes?

Eline is a student and studies VWO in the direction of culture and society. Read below why she likes to use and sell quizzes on knoowy.

I learn best by repeating the material. By making quizzes I think about the material and I remember it better. By the time of the exam I can see if I still master the material. At first I make practice questions for myself, but I also put them for sale on Knoowy. Occasionally my questions are downloaded by other students. As a result, I also have something left over financially, which is a nice bonus.

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Making quizzes is new on Knoowy.

Good addition to summaries and other documents.

Easy to add to a bundle.

The average selling price of quiz is 3 dollar.

More than 100 new registrations per day.

126,000 Knoowy users who help each other every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my practice questions not shown on the website?

If your set of questions is not shown in the list of practice questions, you may still need to publish your practice questions. This gives other students the opportunity to buy your questions. Also provide at least 16 practice questions.

Can you add practice questions to a bundle?

Yes, that is possible. You can add practice questions to a bundle, just like documents. For example, you can sell a summary and offer the associated practice questions as a bundle.

How much do I earn from practice questions?

This works the same as with study documents. Your earnings per download are equal to the selling price minus the commission you pay to Knoowy. The commission is variable and can be increased by performing actions on the platform.

Should I promote my practice questions?

It is important to promote your document to your friends, fellow students and other interested parties. Promotion gives you more downloads, and therefore you earn more money.

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Deal: get 10% off when you purchase 3 or more items!

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