What does copyright mean?

Copyright is a legal right meant to protect the creator of an original work. This means that others cannot copy and distribute something with the permission of the creator. The copyright law ensures that people stay creative and keep doing their own thing. That's good! Because of this on Knoowy you can find summaries that formulate the study material in another way than the original book.

Is it allowed to sell documents online?

A copyright protected work needs to have a creative and original nature. Summaries are not necessarily plachiarism. Texts from original study books can be rewritten in the words and understanding of the student, such that the newly created work is distinct from the original work and can thus be seen as a new original work.

It is allowed to sell documents on Knoowy provided that you are the copyright holder of the document. If you made a new original and creative work, you will always keep copyright on this, and you will always be the only one permitted to distribute the document. If someone yet infringes your copyright, by for example illegal distribution among other students, you can report abuse.

What criteria must a summary meet?

You may ask yourself what conditions a summary on Knoowy must meet. After all, if you copy the work of someone else without permission and spread it among a large group of students, then you are in violation. Your summary should therefore have an original and creative character. In practice, this means not literally taking over large pieces of text, but instead writing down the course material in your own words. If you do want to copy something, please make sure to keep it limited and use quotes. When you alter the words of the professor in your own meaning, than you are making a new work. This text you may spread among students.

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Deal: get 10% off when you purchase 3 or more documents!