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Nursing 3130 Exam 1 Questions and Answers Graded A 100% Verified 2024

Nursing 3130 Exam 1 Questions and Answers Graded A 100% Verified 2024

WHO Definition of Health - a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
WHO Determinants of Heath - Social and Economic Environment
Physical Environment
Persons individual characteristics and behaviours
General Determinants of Health - Income and Social Status
Social Support
Education and literacy
Employment/Working Conditions
Personal Health Practices
Coping Skills
Healthy child development
Genetic environment
Health services
what is public health? - organized community efforts aimed at the prevention of
disease and the promotion of health
essential services of public health: policy development - inform, educate and
essential services of public health: assurance - enforce
benefits from public health - dramatic increase in life expectancy:
decreased number of deaths from stroke, coronary heart disease, and cancer
declines in death rates of adults and children
population: focused PH approaches could help prevent up to 70% of early deaths in
America, compared to only 10% for medical treatment.
public health codes of ethics - contains 12 statements that address the moral
standards that delineate public health's values, goals, and obligations
*the 12 principles incorporate the ethical tenets of:*
--preventing harm
--doing no harm

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