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WGU C785 Biochemistry Unit Exam Questions and Answers

WGU C785 Biochemistry Unit Exam  Questions and Answers

Which level of protein structure is disrupted through the hydrolysis of peptide
Secondary - Primary
The primary structure of a protein is the sequence of amino acids held together by
peptide bonds. Peptide bonds are formed by dehydration reactions and disrupted by
A mutation in the beta-hemoglobin gene, which results in the replacement of the
amino acid glutamate in position 6 with the amino acid valine, leads to the
development of sickle cell anemia. The structures of glutamate and valine are
shown below.
If the beta hemoglobin gene in a patient with sickle-cell anemia were to be edited
so that the valine in position 6 was replaced with a different amino acid, which
replacement for valine would be expected to have the best clinical outcome, in
theory, for the patient? (Assume the valine can potentially be replaced with any
amino acid other than glutamate.) - The original amino acid in a healthy patient is
glutamate, which is negatively charged. The mutated amino acid is valine, which is

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