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Dental Radiology Final Exam Review 2024/2025

Dental Radiology Final Exam Review 2024/2025

dental radiology final exam review
A photographic image produced on film by the passage of x-rays through teeth and
related structures
radiograph, dental
A beam of energy that has the power to penetrate substances and record image
shadows on photographic film.
x ray
A form of energy carried by waves or a stream of particles
Any person who positions, exposes, and processes x-ray film
radiographer, dental
The making of radiographs by the exposure of film to x-rays
A high-energy radiation produced by the collision of a beam of electrons with a metal
target in an x-ray tube
The science or study of radiations as used in medicine.
The making of radiographs of the teeth and adjacent structures by the exposure of film
to x-rays
radiography, dental
A picture on film produced by the passage of x-rays through an object or body.
developed first x ray tube
Introduced long-cone paralleling technique
exposed first radiograph in united states with live patients
Used paralleling technique in practical dental radiography
discovered x rays
exposed first dental radiograph
Which of the following electrons has the greatest binding energy?
K shell electrons
the K shell electron is located closest to the nucleus and has the highest energy level
and the greatest binding energy. The M, N, and L shell electrons are located farther
from the nucleus.
What type of electrical charge does the electron carry?
negative charge
Which term describes two or more atoms that are joined by chemical bonds?
Which of the following describes ionization?
Ionization is described as the production of ions when an atom loses an electron
Which term describes the process by which unstable atoms undergo a spontaneous
disintegration in an effort to attain a more balance nuclear state

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