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NAMs Menopause Certification Exam 2024

NAMs Menopause Certification  Exam 2024

NAMs Menopause Certification
Exam 2024
Climacteric phase - ANSWER The period of endrocrinologic,
somatic, and transitory psychologic changes that occur around the
time of menopause.
Early menopause - ANSWER LMP before age 45
Late menopause - ANSWER LMP after age 54
Primary ovarian insufficiency - ANSWER Menopause that occurs
before age 40
Early menopause transition (stage -2) - ANSWER Persistent
difference of 7 days or more in the length of consecutive cycles.
Late menopause transition (stage -1) - ANSWER 60 or more
consecutive days of amenorrhea
Luteal out of phase event (LOOP) - ANSWER Explains why some
perimenopausal women have elevated estrogen level sometimes...In
the early menopause transition, elevated FSH levels are adequate to
recruit a second follicle which results in a follicular phase-like rise in
estradiol secretion superimposed on the mid-to-late luteal phase of
the ongoing ovulatory cycle.
Obese women and estradiol levels during menopause - ANSWER
Obese women are more likely to have anovulatory cycles with high
estradiol levels. They are also more likely to have lower
premenopause yet higher postmenopause estradiol levels compared
with women of normal weight. (why they are at higher risk of
endometrial cancer)
Chinese and Japanese women - ANSWER These ethnic groups
have lower estradiol levels then white, black and hispanic women.
stage +2 - ANSWER late menopause stage: 5-8 years after FMP.
Somatic aging predominates. Increased genitourinary symptoms.
Stages +1a, +1b, +1c - ANSWER early post m

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