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PMHNP Certification Exam with complete solution 2023/2024

PMHNP Certification Exam with complete solution 2023/2024

PMHNP Certification Exam with complete solution
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1. What are assessed in the Thought Content of the MSE: SI/HI, Plan, Hallucinations
2. • PNEUMOIC - Old Age Parents Love Grandchildren: • Oral (0-18 months),
Anal (18 months - 3 years), Phallic (3 years to 6 years), Latent (6 to 12), Genital
(12 +)
STAGE - 3-6 years old: • 3-year-old masturbates, play with self, says naughty
• This is NORMAL for children this age.
4. What do you do when a patient has an increased prolactin level?: • Stop
prolactin (stop the agent that cause increase prolactin)
5. • ACUTE STRESS DISORDER: • A d/o resulting from exposure to a major
stressor, with SX of ANX, depression, dissociation, recurring nightmares, sleep
disturbances, problems in concentrations, reliving the event, dreams, flashbacks -
UP to ONE MONTH - Less than 1 month.
• If LONGER than 1 month = PTSD
- Symptoms that occur immediately after the event but resolve in less than 3 days
would not meet criteria for acute stress disorder
6. What would you do if a 5-year-old tells you his brother sodomized him?: •
Tell mom don't leave him alone with patient and call CPS implement crisis
7. If a child is playing with doll in a sexual way, what do you do first?: •
You SUSPECT sexual abuse - Perform FURTHER ASSESSMENT and GATHER
ENOUGH INFO BEFORE Calling CPS to report suspected Sexual Abuse - You
HAVE to report but you have to have something (assessment data) to report -
Assess = FIRST
8. If a 13-year-old tells you he want to smoke, what would be an appropriate
response?: • Ask him of his plan to stop smoking
9. If a 14-year-old girl clenching her teeth, what cranial nerve would you
suspect?: • Cranial nerve V-Trigeminal nerve (FIVE)
10. What cranial nerve is responsible for Bells Palsy?: 7 = Facial Paralysis
11. What cranial nerves do you assess for corneal sensation: Nerves 5 & 7
12. What cranial nerves do you assess for papillary reaction to light and
accommodation?: Nerves 3,4,& 6
13. What cranial nerves do you assess for 6 cardinal fields of gaze & extra-ocular movements?: Nerves 3, 4, & 6
PMHNP Certification Exam with complete solution
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14. What cranial nerves do you assess for corneal light reflex?: 3, 4, & 6
15. Cranial Nerve 1: Olfactory (smell)
16. Cranial Nerve 2: Optic - vision
17. Cranial Nerve 3: Oculomotor (eye movement): The occulomotor nerve is responsible for motor enervation of upper eyelid

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