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Summary - Empirical Research Project - all articles

This summary contains all six articles for the course Empirical Research Project, for the study International Business. The following articles are included:

1. An Assessment of the Measurement of Performance In International Business Research, Hult et al., 2008
2. Cross-border acquisitions and firm value: an analysis of emerging-market multinationals, Aybar, B. and Ficici, A., 2009
3. Rigidities through flexibility: flexible labour and the rise of management bureaucracies, Kleinknecht, A., Kwee, Z. and Budyanto, L., 2015
4. The Roles of Subsidiary Boards in Multinational Enterprises, Du, Y., Deloof, M. and Jorissen, A., 2015
5. Foreign Market Uncertainty and Incremental International Expansion: The Moderating Effect of Firm, Industry, and Host Country Factors, Rhee, J.H. and Cheng, J.L.C., 2002
6. International venturing by emerging economy firms: the effects of firm capabilities, home country networks, and corporate entrepreneurship, Yiu, D.W., ChungMing, L. and Bruton, G.D., 2007

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