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Below are summaries, lecture notes, study guides and practice exams for nursing of Healthcare at Open University. When you have documents yourself that can be shared among students, please upload them to aid other students with studying. Every time someone downloads your document, you will be rewarded.



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  • Latest CCRN Exam 2024 -2025 with correct answers. Pass the ccrn. Latest version newest and verified. Best questions with answers. Leaked version with verified answer. Critical Care RN exam. Adult ccrn. More than 500 questions and correct answer. ICU. Stud...

    school Open University / Healthcare / Nursing
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  • 160 Study definitions from the exam. Leaked questions. Study real material. Pass the CCRN. ICU knowledge. version 2024-2025. Adult CCRN exam. Bank of definitions. Question bank 1

    school Open University / Healthcare / Nursing
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  • This is a guide towards excelling in nursing examinations for all levels. All students will find this helpful especially in preparation of their mid term and end term exams. furthermore those revising for these exams will be very well equipped.

    school Open University / Healthcare / Nursing
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