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2024 VTNE Anesthesia Exam 2 New Full Exam Questions and Answers ( Included ) 100% Correct

2024 VTNE Anesthesia Exam 2 New Full Exam Questions and Answers ( Included ) 100% Correct

1. Guinea pigs are difficult to intubate because of which of the followinganatomic
a. enlarged nasopharynx
b. hyerplastic oropharynx
c. palatal ostium
d. nasopharyngeal diverticula
Answer: c. palatal ostium
2. How often is a low-pressure leak test conducted on an anesthesia machine?
a. each day that the machine is used
b. at leas once a week
c. at least once a month
d. when the anesthetist smells the anesthetic gases
Answer: a. each day that themachine is used
3. What is the maintenance flow rate of non-rebreathing systems?
a. Very low (5-10 mL/kg/min)
b. Low (20-40 mL/kg/min)
c. Moderate (50-100 mL/kg/min)
d. Very high (e200 mL/kg/min
Answer:d.Very high (e200 mL/kg/min)
4. Which of the following opioids is most commonly used for epidural analge-sia?
a. morphine
b. byprenorphine
c. bupivicaine
d. lidocaine
Answer: a. morphine
5. You have a patient that looks asleep, will not respond to voice, but will respond
to pain.Which of the following would describe its level of conscious-ness?
a. lethargic
b. obtunded
c. stuporous
d. comatose
Answer: c.stuporous

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