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NAPSR Exam (practice quizzes)|Questions and Answers|Graded A

NAPSR Exam (practice quizzes)|Questions  and Answers|Graded A

NAPSR Exam (practice quizzes)|Questions
and Answers|Graded A
Pharmaceuticals are arguably the most socially important healthcare product. (T/F)
Pharmaceutical development is a high-risk undertaking, in which many promising
leads prove disappointing. (T/F)
Pharmaceutical sales are highest in which geographical regions?
The U.S., Western Europe, and Japan
The U.S. accounts for about ____ of the world's pharmaceutical revenues.
Which of the following has fueled recent growth in the pharmaceutical industry?
population growth and increased life expectancies
According to the manual, which statement accurately describes the predicted
relationship between pharmaceutical companies and genomic research facilities?
Partnerships between pharmaceutical companies and genomic companies will not
prove immediately profitable
Prescription drug therapy is not cost-effective for insurance companies and
healthcare providers. (T/F)
The high price of healthcare is explained by the high price of medicines. (T/F)
One of the oldest and least effective pharmaceutical marketing techniques is DTC
(direct-to-consumer) advertising. (T/F)
What influences the number of districts in a region?
the region's population
What is an example of the regionalization of healthcare delivery systems?
California and Florida have different prescription reimbursement policies
The heart of a pharmaceutical sales team is the regional manager. (T/F)
Most DMs did not start as representatives. (T/F)
How many territories are in a typical district?
8 to 12
What is the most effective method for grabbing market share?
comparative selling
Pharmaceutical reps mainly visit pharmacies. (T/F)
It usually only takes 1-2 calls to a physician before he or she commits to
prescribing your product. (T/F)
The pharmacist may dispense a product other than what the physician prescribed.
According to ch. 12 of the manual, which of the following would classify as
According to the manual, what defines "ethical pharmaceutical companies"?
researching and developing novel drugs
One of the most disappointing results of the pharmaceutical industry's continued
investment in R & D is the few new drugs being approved and in development.
Thanks to modern medicines, how long are people newly diagnosed with HIV
expected to live?
another 50 years
How much has the average American lifespan increased since 1890?

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