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Water Treatment Practice Exam 2: Questions & Answers: UPdated

Water Treatment Practice Exam 2: Questions & Answers: UPdated

What is a pathogen?
(Ans- Disease-causing microorganisms.

What is the impact of algae to water quality?
(Ans- Taste and odor problems.

What is the concentration of chlorine gas?
(Ans- 100%.

Which of the following is not used to mix coagulants?
(Ans- Horizontal paddle wheel.

What is considered to be a quick remedy to address a sudden increase in filtered water turbidity?
(Ans- Feed a filter-aid chemical to the filter influent.

What is the likely cause of a pining noise in a pump?
(Ans- Cavitation

Which of the following controls the efficiency of removing suspended solids in the sedimentation process?
(Ans- Flowrate

What is a sanitary survey?
(Ans- An analysis to determine all potential water quality impacts to a proposed well.

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