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AHIP module 4: Questions & Answers: Updated: Guaranteed A+

AHIP module 4: Questions & Answers: Updated: Guaranteed A+

Linda Sanchez is conducting a previously agreed upon appointment with client, Maria Gomez about a MA-Part D plan she represents. Before an enrollment form is completed, Linda needs to provide Maria with information about ____
(Ans- I, II, and III only

Your client, Alexis Jones, calls you on December 4th about changing her Medicare Advantage plan during the annual election period which ends December 7th. What should you do?
(Ans- Complete a scope of appointment (SOA) during the call and indicate that they will meet to discuss Medicare Advantage plans during an appointment the following da

ABC is a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan sponsor. It would like to use its enrollees' information to market non-health related products such as life insurance and annuities. Which statement best describes ABC's obligation to its enrollees regarding marketing such products?
(Ans- It must obtain a HIPAA compliant authorization from an enrollee that indicates the plan or plan ?sponsor may use their information for marketing purposes.

Hector Hernandez is an independent agent. Hector sells plans on behalf of three Medicare Advantage organizations that offer a total of 10 plans but does not represent all Medicare Advantage organizations offering plans that are available in his area. Which of the following statements best describes any steps Hector is required to take?
(Ans- During the first minute of a sales call, Hector must use a disclaimer that says "I do not represent every plan available in your area. I represent 3 organizations that offer 10 plans in your area. Please contact Medicare.gov, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program to get information on all your options."

Your friend's mother just moved to an

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