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Bontrager Ch. 2 (chest) 2024 Test Questions And Answers

Bontrager Ch. 2 (chest) 2024 Test  Questions And Answers

Bontrager Ch. 2 (chest) 2024 Test
Questions And Answers
The bony thorax consists of : - ANSWER- Sternum, ribs (12 pairs), and thoracic
vertebre (12)
clavicles (2), scapulae (2) **not considered part of bony thorax but is related anatomy
What are the two important bony landmarks of the thorax for positioning a AP or PA
chest projection? - ANSWER- Vertebre prominens (back of neck) and the jugular notch
(top of sternum)
What are the four divisions of the respiratory system? - ANSWER- (1) pharynx
(2) trachea
(3) bronchi
(4) lungs
Adam's apple - ANSWER- laryngeal prominence
shoulder blade - ANSWER- scapula
voice box - ANSWER- larynx
breastbone - ANSWER- sternum
collar bone - ANSWER- clavicle
Name the three divisions of the larynx - ANSWER- Nasopharynx, oropharynx,
What is the name of the structure that prevents food and foreign objects from entering
the respiratory system? - ANSWER- epiglottis
Is the esophagus anterior or posterior to the trachea? - ANSWER- posterior
If a person accidentally inhales a food particle which brochi is it most likely to enter and
why? - ANSWER- the right bronchus because it is shorter, wider, and more vertical
What is the name of the area where the bronchus divides into the left and right bronchi?
Where is this prominence located? - ANSWER- the carnia, located at T5
Small air filled sacs that exchance oxygen and carbon dioxide - ANSWER- alveoli
double walled sac containing the lungs - ANSWER- pluera
outer layer of the pluera - ANSWER- parietal pluera
inner layer of the pleura - ANSWER- visceral pluera
space between the two layers of the pluera - ANSWER- plueral cavity
air or gas that enters the plueral cavity is a condition called : - ANSWER- pneumothorax
Lower concave portion of the lung - ANSWER- base
central area of lungs where the bronchi and blood vessels enter - ANSWER- Hilium
upper rounded portion of lungs that stretches above the level of the clavicles -
Outermost lower corner of lungs - ANSWER- costophrenic angle
the diaphram is composed of ____ muscles which are called _____________ -
ANSWER- 2, right and left hemidiaphram
The four important structures of the mediastinum are : - ANSWER- (1) Thymus gland
(2) Heart and great blood vessels
(3) trachea
(4) esophagus
the double walled membrane enclosing the heart is called : - ANSWER- pericardial sac
The three parts of the aorta are : - ANSWER- (1) Ascending aorta
(2) arch of aorta
(3) descending aorta
gland that functions primarily during childhood and puberty - ANSWER- thymus gland
large vein that returns blood to the heart from the upper half of the body - ANSWERsuperior vena cava
large vein that returns blood from the lower half of the body - ANSWER- inferior vena
Supply blood and return blood to and from all segments of the lungs - ANSWERpulmonary arteries and veins
Body type that has a broad and deep thorax from front to back but is shallow in vertical
dimension - ANSWER- hypersthenic (IR must be crosswise!)
Slender body type with a narrow thorax width and shallow from front to back but long in
vertical dimension - ANSWER- hypoasthenic (IR must be lenghtwise!)
How many ribs should be demonstrated above the diaphram on a PA radiograph of an
average adult on full inspiration - ANSWER- 10
Chest radiography for an adult patient should utilize a kVp between ___ and ___. -
ANSWER- 110 and 1

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