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What is a query?
-A question you ask a table
-A question you ask a record
-A question you ask a database
-A question you ask a field - ANSWER-A question
you ask a database
A computerized database can store millions of
telephone numbers.
-False - ANSWER-True
Which data type would be best suited to a field that
lists customer email addresses?
-Number - ANSWER-Hyperlink
Databases typically store their data in one big table.
-False - ANSWER-False
All the pet names in a veterinarian's database are
stored in a called PetName.
-field - ANSWER-Field
Malisa is designing a database for a doctor's office
where receptionists, office managers, and other
office staff will need to manage patient data. Which
database object should Malisa create to make it
easy for these non-technical users to add patient
-Tables - ANSWER-Forms
Queries in access can be used
-Both 'a' and 'b'
-Only 'a'
-as a source of records for forms and reports
-to view, change and analyze data in different ways -
ANSWER-Both 'a' and 'b'
What does a filter do?
-Make more records available
-Hide records from view
-Slow down processing
-Add to the quantity of data - ANSWER-Hide records
from view
A field's data type determines what kind of
information can be stored there.
-False - ANSWERWhich field could serve as the primary key for a list
of students in your school?
-Birth date
-Phone number
-Full name
-Student ID number - ANSWER

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