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BIOD 101 Module 2 Portage Learning With Complete Solutions

BIOD 101 Module 2 Portage Learning With  Complete Solutions

BIOD 101 Module 2 Portage Learning With
Complete Solutions

What is homeostasis? - Maintaining set points of living conditions
What is an example of regulation? - Shivering to regulate body heat
What is energy processing? - How an organism utilizes biochemical
reactions to produce energy
What is the sum of an organism's biochemical reactions referred
to? - Metabolism
What is ATP? - Biological fuel or energy
What type of metabolism do many prokaryotes use? - Anaerobic
What is photosynthesis? - A plant using light to trap energy
Many prokaryotes metabolize ____? - Organic substances
What type of metabolism do animals use? - Aerobic
Animals ____ and use ____ as part of aerobic respiration to produce
ATP - ingest food, biomacromolecules
What is growth and development? - Change over a life cycle. A living
thing grows, matures, ages, and dies.
Living things respond to their environment through...? - adaption
What is an organism? - An individual living creature
What are the 7 common characteristics of organisms? - order,
evolutionary adaptation, regulation, energy processing, growth and
development, response to environment, reproduction
What is the characteristic "order"? - Life is structured into a
developmental hierarchy
The ____ itself is highly ordered as it contains organelles, a
dedicated cytoplasmic space, conducts metabolic processes, and
undergoes microscale adaptions. - cell
What is a taxon? - A unit/level of classification
What are the 8 taxonomic levels? - Domain, Kingdom, Phylus, Class,
Order, Family, Genus, Species
How many recognized domains are there? - 3
What is evolutionary adaptation? - Smaller, genetic changes that
allow for better survival of an organism.
Evolutionary adaptation should not be confused with...? - Species

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