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2023 Unit 4 bio for health professions//2023 Health questions and answers

  2023 Unit 4 bio for health professions//2023 Health questions and answers

2023 Unit 4 bio for health professions//2023 Health questions and answers

Which techniques are examples of healthy stress management? - CORRECT ANSW-eating a healthy, balanced diet getting regular physical activity practicing relaxation techniques

What is conflict resolution? - CORRECT ANSW-finding a peaceful solution to a disagreement

What is paternity? - CORRECT ANSW-the legal name for biological fatherhood

Which behavior indicates healthy communication in a relationship being quick to forgive starting arguments communicating at all hours trying to have the last word - CORRECT ANSW-being quick to forgive

Which physical effect of stress can have fatal consequences? - CORRECT ANSW-heart disease

A student has a heavy course load and feels overwhelmed. What strategy provides a healthy way for the student to cope with stress? - CORRECT ANSW-learning time management skills

How can someone distinguish between positive and negative stressors in his or her life? - CORRECT ANSW-Only negative stressors create strong and prolonged anxiety.

How are stress and physical health related? - CORRECT ANSWHigh stress levels can damage the body's well-being.

Which situation involves an environmental stressor? - CORRECT ANSW-being around excessive noise

A student wants to give his anxious friend advice on reducing stress. Based on the chart, what stress reduction technique should he recommend? - CORRECT ANSW-transcendental meditation

What factor did grief affect the most? - CORRECT ANSW-Mood

Which are a treatment for depression? - CORRECT ANSWcounseling support groups medication

Which negative effects of grief influence physical health? - CORRECT ANSW-loss of appetite problems sleeping

Coping strategies can help individuals build - CORRECT ANSWresiliency.

What factor did grief affect the least? - CORRECT ANSWeconomic well-being

Which of the following best describe internal coping strategies? - CORRECT ANSW-they are personal they can help individuals deal with grief and depression they involve creating new habits or personal goals

Which coping strategies for dealing with depression or grief are external? - CORRECT ANSW-seeking professional help talking with friends and family maintaining healthy friendships

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