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MMBIO 221 Final Exam Study Questions and Answers Graded A 2024 Verified 100%

MMBIO 221 Final Exam Study Questions  and Answers Graded A 2024 Verified  100%

An interferon is - a protein released by virally infected human cells to trigger
production of antivirals in neighboring cells
These antibodies are commonly found in mucus and are the most abundant in our
body - IgA antibodies
These cells have many identical antibodies on their surface that recognize a
particular antigen. When activated the cells differentiate and proliferate into
memory cells as well as plasma cells, which secrete antibodies - B cells
Found on the surface of all nucleated cells in the body, its function is to display
fragments of proteins from within the cell to T cells. By providing info about a cell's
activity to the immune system, it allows for the identification and elimination of cells
containing foreign proteins - MHC I
These cells are not phagocytic or cytotoxic but are involved in the activation of other
immune cells. They are also rapidly destroyed by HIV producing immunodeficiency -
helper T
Normally found in the blood stream these phagocytic cells are often the first
responders to an infection - neutrophils
These antibodies are great at agglutination due to the abundance of antigen binding
sites - IgM antibodies
Which of the following is NOT COMMONLY used in a vaccine but is being developed -
Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of a live virus vaccine - antibody
response is not as good as with inactivated viruses

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