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AHA (Latest 2023 / 2024) Final Exam | Passed | A+ Rated Guide | New Full Exam

AHA (Latest 2023 / 2024) Final Exam | Passed | A+ Rated Guide | New Full Exam

• Width of BP cuff and length of bladder:
40%/80% of upper arm circumferenceand
• Central cyanosis:
Identified in lips and oral mucosa
• ABCDE of skin lesion:
AssymetryBorder irregularity
Color variation
Diameter >6mm
Elevation and Enlargment
Melanoma's are the most dangerous
• Types of skin lesions:
Macule- Flat, distinct, discoloration less than 1cm widePapule- Circumscribed
solid elevation with no visible fluid
Vesicle- raised lesions less than 1cm filled with clear fluid
Nevi- birthmark/mole
• Hair quality of hyper/hypothyroidism:
Hyper=hair lossHypo=fine and silky
• Lymph nodes:
Posterior auricular
Superficial cervical
Deep cervical
Posterior cervical
• Graves disease:
Outward protrusion of the eyes
• Opacities in the red reflex suggest . ..:

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